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Our Values

At SVEŽE we are committed to delivering value to our customers and supporting the livelihood of our artisans. While we strive towards growth we are steadfast in the core values that form the basis of everything we do...

Passion – A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm. With passion we believe we can demonstrate highest level of commitment, provide rigour and speed to what we set out to achieve, overcoming all challenges that might come along the way. We must show relentless passion in all we do.

Trust – A firm belief in the reliability, truth and ability. Trust, we believe, is the consequence of incessant integrity, tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation. We must constantly strive to build trust with our partners, customers, colleagues and the society at large.

Responsibility – Being accountable and indebted to the community we serve. We must endeavour to be sensitive to the needs of community and environment in which we work and ensure that what we receive from them goes back manifold.